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Sustainable Homes for Everyone

Beautiful, Sustainable, Together

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Join the self build home revolution

DIT Egnahem specializes in providing affordable self-build homes in the north of Sweden using the Wikihouse system. Our modular homes are designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and customizable to meet your needs. With DIT Egnahem, you can build your dream home without breaking the bank.

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Customizable Homes

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient

Our modular homes are designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient, with features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.



Thanks to prefabrication, digital manufacturing and the self-build design. We can reduce costs compared with traditional home construction.

Fast Construction

Our modular homes are built off-site and assembled on-site, reducing construction time and minimizing disruption to your life.


We use the Wikihouse System

An Open Source construction system developed and tested in the UK. With a global community of users making improvements and sharing them freely. 

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Distributed Manufacturing

Wikihouse allows for small scale distributed manufacturing, and off site prefabrication. Making on site assembly quick, with low skill requirements.



Sustainable and Energy efficient

Due to the high precision of digital manufacturing, we can achieve unparalelled energy efficiency. Making your home cheaper to heat, and better for the environment.


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Affordable and Community Driven

With our self build kits, we are making homes more affordable to build. Invite your friends and family to help, it will be a once in a lifetime experience - that is the power of community!

About Us

Our Story

Building Better Homes Together

DIT Egnahem came about after Karina and Kasimir wrote their MA Architecture thesis on the housing and environmental crisis. They found a solution to provide affordable and sustainable homes to people in the north of Sweden. They believe that everyone deserves a comfortable and beautiful home, and are committed to making that a reality.


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